选择Why 选择 这 Program?

Why Study 计算机科学 at 云顶集团?

技术 在中心 和外围 我们的生活. At 云顶集团, the computer science major and minor explore a number of complex topics, such as computer security, 网络ing, and more. 该计划还可以使用优秀的计算机设备,通过校园范围内的连接 网络. 广泛的软件使用被集成到计算机科学和数学中 课程.

学习What Will You 学习?

What Will You 学习?

该计划为学生提供了分析思维的坚实基础 as a spirit of creativity, enterprise, and ethical responsibility. Mastery of fundamental computing principles is essential as we step into the increasingly virtual future.  

定期的课程作业和独立的小组项目为学生提供了自由 to build programs and learn by doing. 学生 also design and create a computer from Scratch,包括硬件逻辑和他们用自己的编程构建的游戏 语言.


DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

学生 pursue their interests, which are often interdisciplinary, by researching 与一名教师一起完成一篇毕业论文,和/或一项独立研究. Additionally, students intern in government, business, health care, and education both in Baltimore and in other parts of the country. 云顶集团 prepares students for excellent professional opportunities and premier graduate programs. Recent alums have gone on to work at places like HP, Microsoft, and Redhat.

Course Curriculum

计算机科学 主要 计算机科学 Minor 课程

Laptop Recommendation: 如果你打算主修计算机科学,你应该有一台笔记本电脑 following minimum requirements: Quad-core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, Solid State Drive (SSD) with at least 100 GB of available storage.

这 program is available in an accelerated 3-year degree. 查看 course mapping (PDF).


托马斯Kelliher,副教授,数学与计算机科学:计算机 体系结构

全职 & Half-Time 教师

托马斯Kelliher, Associate Professor of Mathematics and 计算机科学: computer 体系结构

吉尔·齐默尔曼詹姆斯·M. Beall Professor of Mathematics and 计算机科学: robotics, programming 语言

Professor Emeritus or Emerita or Emeriti
Robert Lewand, Professor of Mathematics and 计算机科学: cryptology


通过出国留学,选择由云顶集团或教师领导的为期三周的强化课程 semester programs suited to their academic plans, 云顶集团 computer science students gain a global perspective that enhances their course of study. 参观 Office of 全球教育 for more information.

机会 & 实习


实习帮助学生探索可能性,云顶集团课堂学习,并有所收获 经验. 探索 internships and credit options.

数学和计算机科学的教员考虑结构良好的实习 to be essential to a student's education. 的 variety of internships that have been completed under the supervision of this department is evidence of the flexible and creative applicability of degrees in both mathematics and computer science. 学生 find internship opportunities through the 职业生涯教育 Office, through faculty and staff members, or on their own.

关于校外经历的详细描述发表在《云顶集团》杂志上 Office each year and fully describes the guidelines and timetable for internships. 学生 interested in arranging an internship in mathematics or computer science should contact their individual academic advisors.

以下是最近在数学和计算机领域的一些实习经历 科学:

  • 两名学生参加了马里兰大学的科学研究实习 和工程. One of them designed a web-based tool for collecting data on pedestrian activity, while the other worked with an interdisciplinary group in meteorology.
  • 在约翰霍普金斯大学主修数学和计算机科学双学位 Applied Physics Lab in the Combat Systems Evaluation Lab, programming a GUI window 作为与正在开发的大型战术显示系统接口的一部分 U.S. Navy and Joint Forces.
  • 3-2工程专业,致力于改进当前的文本转语音和语音识别 使用基于规则的方法的技术,而不是严格的统计组合 and corpus analysis. His duties included developing a model of the Human Vocal Production 为模型的学习和活动阶段系统和设计数据结构.
  • A mathematics major and a mathematics and computer science double major worked with 一位云顶集团的物理学家编写软件来测试高温的热计算 超导体.
  • 一名计算机科学专业的学生参与了SPARTA(实时物理模拟)项目 Architecture) project at the Pennsylvania State University. 的 goal of the project 是开发专门的硬件来大大加速物理建模.
  • 数学和计算机科学双学位的学生在大学做暑期实习生 of Utah, doing research in text classification, an area of artificial intelligence.


的 Mathematics and 计算机科学 Club

数学和计算机科学俱乐部对所有专业的学生开放, as well as other interested students. 的 club provides an opportunity for students to share their common interests in an informal way.

的 most traditional of the club's activities is the annual Torrey Dinner, which is held each April to honor graduating mathematics and computer science majors. 军官 and advisor organize the dinner. One highlight of the evening is a talk, usually about her/his work or research, given by an alumna/us. Another source of excitement is the announcement of the winners of the Torrey, Ekin, Leavitt, and Writing prizes.

的 fall semester traditionally starts with a program pizza party, at which majors share their summer internship, research, and international 经验s with fellow students and faculty. Further club activities include field trips to Baltimore and 华盛顿,博物馆,电影,数学或计算机科学的客座讲师, fundraising events, a year-end picnic, and more.

每学年的第一次俱乐部会议以数学和计算机宣布 science classes, as well as by email.

2005年,云顶集团被授予皮穆爱普西隆分会国家荣誉称号 Society for Mathematics. 的 mission of the society is to encourage scholarship and scholarly activities among undergraduate mathematics students. 学生, who by virtue of their academic promise and achievement are invited to join the society, meet on a monthly basis to support each other in their professional development. 活动 包括演讲嘉宾,解决问题的会议,书籍或电影的讨论,和实践 sessions for upcoming mathematical presentations. 的 chapter holds induction ceremonies at the Torrey dinner in the spring.

Academic 竞争s

During the academic year, there are a number of opportunities for mathematics and computer science students to participate in academic competitions, as individuals 在团队中.

每年秋季学期,计算机协会都会举办一次中大西洋会议 region programming competition whose winners participate in national finals. 每一个 参加学院或大学的实地团队(可能包括研究生); which strive to solve the most programming problems in the shortest time. 虽然 the competition is quite challenging, 云顶集团 teams have placed as high as fourth place in the region.

云顶集团 mathematics students also have the opportunity to compete as a team. 一年一度的 Mathematical 竞争 in Modeling takes place early in the second semester. 每一个 三人小组从两个开放式云顶集团数学问题中选择一个,然后 researches and writes a solution paper over the course of a single weekend. 云顶集团 团队多次获得奖项,与数百个团队竞争 from other colleges and universities.

As a result of the problem of the month sponsored by our chapter of 是, we can send one student per year to participate in the U.S. National Collegiate Mathematics 竞争. We have performed well in this competition.

此外,我校数学系学生多次以个人身份参加 in the annual Putnam 竞争 and the Virginia Tech Mathematics Contest.

Special Prizes and 奖

玛丽安·M. 托里奖
玛丽安·M. 托里奖 is awarded to senior majors in mathematics who are selected by the program for their excellent records, firm grasp of subject matter, creative imagination, incisive thinking, and ability to present ideas clearly.

的 Mary Katherine Boone Ekin Prize
Mary Katherine Boone Ekin奖授予计算机科学专业的大四学生 谁被认为在理论和云顶集团方面都掌握得很好 主题的. 的 criteria for the award include high achievement in course work 以及用创造性和想象力解释计算机科学概念的能力 方法.

的 Mathematics Writing Prize
数学写作奖每年颁发给有表现的学生 excellence in the exposition of classical mathematics. 的 winner is determined by a contest which is open to majors and non-majors.

的 Pearl Davis Leavitt Prize
珀尔·戴维斯·莱维特奖颁发给数学专业的学生,而不是毕业生 senior who has exhibited meritorious achievement in mathematics courses beyond the 一年级水平,被认为有进一步取得高成就的突出潜力 in the discipline.

Student 就业

Student employment connects students to both on and off-campus opportunities. 的 职业生涯教育 Office 为有或没有联邦工作学习的学生提供资源和支持 jobs, submit applications, and learn more about the job search process. 学生们 云顶集团 握手 — a website for job postings, events, resumes/cover letters, and career management.

主要 & Career Exploration

探索职业选择,选择专业,做出职业决定是一个多步骤的过程 process in which all students are encouraged to engage early and often. 云顶集团学生 have a variety of resources available through the 主要s and Career page to assist them in this process.


A 云顶集团 education prepares students for today’s job market and beyond. 学生 can explore job opportunities and access job search resources through the CEO 找工作 page.

研究生 & Professional School

学生 access resources for searching and applying to graduate and professional school through the CEO 研究生 and Professional School page, through faculty and staff members, or utilizing their own resources, 网络 and 工具.

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School 4+1 BA/MS Program

云顶集团和约翰霍普金斯大学凯里商学院也招收云顶集团的学生 a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program. 这 4 + 1项目 他拥有云顶集团大学的学士学位和约翰大学的理学硕士学位 霍普金斯大学的商业分析和风险管理,信息系统,医疗保健 management, finance, or marketing. 学生 can apply during their junior year. GRE考试 或GMAT考试已被豁免,但申请人必须达到最低累积GPA 3.25 or better and have passed some quantitative reasoning courses with a grade of B或更好.

学生项目 & 奖

  • 朱丽叶·莫斯、约翰·福斯特和伊莎贝尔·罗森塔尔被选入云顶集团 chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the computer science honor society.

  • CS440 Artificial Intelligence class. 的 class implemented intelligent agents to play 吃豆人. From left to right, Alee Marschke, Kalayha Mitchell, 吉尔·齐默尔曼, Xavier Rivers, Deylan Mondeel, Sonny Kennison.

  • Senior Capstone Project. John Foster, A Potpourri of Computer Security Topics. 的 project is computer security research and lab work. 

  • Senior Capstone Project. K Hirgeto, Reclaim the Future Project. 的 project is a design and implementation of a Lost and Found app.  

  • 播放视频

    Senior Capstone Project. Jack Topper, 2D SLAM: Pip the mapping robot. SLAM (Simultaneous 位置 and Mapping) is a technique for robotic mapping while on the move.

  • Alee Marschke分享了Pearl Davis Leavitt ' 28综合数据分析奖 or 计算机科学. 的 prize is awarded to an integrative data analytics or computer 理科生,但毕业班学生除外,有立功表现者 在他们的专业超过一年级的水平,谁被认为有突出的潜力 for further high achievement in the discipline.

  • Juliet Moss shared 的 Pearl Davis Leavitt ’28 Prize in Integrative Data Analytics or 计算机科学. 的 prize is awarded to an integrative data analytics or computer 理科生,但毕业班学生除外,有立功表现者 在他们的专业超过一年级的水平,谁被认为有突出的潜力 for further high achievement in the discipline.

  • Abdul Siam recieved the Evenden Daley Herman ’37 Student Leadership award.